Good news, you can now screen your calls with our newest feature, Caller ID aka caller identification. Caller ID will allow you to see the incoming caller’s name, number or location on your screen -- even if they are not in your contact list -- before you answer! 

How does Caller ID work?

Caller ID name is controlled by the receiving party’s phone carrier. Phone companies use caller ID names to attach it to the name of the phone number that’s calling. This information is stored in a database that the third-party service phone carriers use. 

Curious what it will look like when you receive a call? 

Convo for CMiOS

Convo for Android

Convo for Mac

Convo for Windows

If you’re wondering, this feature is now available on all platforms and there is nothing you need to do. Be sure your app is updated to the latest version.  Not sure which version? Check out the following article based on the type of device you use. 

What’s new with Convo for iOS?
What’s new with Convo for Android?
What’s new with Convo for Mac?
What’s new with Convo for Windows?

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