What's new with Convo for iOS?

A running list of key feature updates

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This is a running list of major updates and new features added to Convo for iOS. It will be updated regularly.

CURRENT VERSION: 3.0.37 (12/13/2021)

Version 3.0.37 (12/13/2021)

Fixed a bug that affected the following on iOS 15:

  • The dropdown in Call History did not display Videomail.

  • The dropdown in Contacts did not display Organization contacts if a user has them.

Version 3.0.36 (12/9/2021)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where answering inbound calls briefly displayed the last screen the user viewed before connecting the call.

  • Fixed a bug where the numbers "123" appeared on the lower part of the screen.

  • Updated the web addresses (URLs) for our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Version 3.0.35 (10/19/2021)

Support chat has been improved across the app. The Help Center experience has also been improved.

Version 3.0.34 (2/18/2021)

VCO is now available on the iPad and iPhone SE! This version also fixed the universal search slide-out button for making calls.

Version 3.0.33 (10/26/2020)

This version fixed a bug with the password field that happened after users finished a call then logged out of the app.

Version 3.0.32 (10/8/20)

Several bug fixes were made with this version:

  • The app sometimes crashed when calling others using Purple’s app.

  • The app sometimes wouldn’t let users log in after accepting Local Area Network permission after installing the app.

  • The Philips Hue Bridge wouldn’t work with the Convo app.

  • The feedback survey window that appeared after calls did not reset if the survey was closed without feedback given.

Version 3.0.31 (9/18/20)

This version changed how often the feedback window appeared after calls to once per week per iOS device. Two bugs were also fixed:

  • The “VRS Español” button was fixed.

  • An issue causing the app to crash was fixed.

Version 3.0.30 (8/4/20)

Feedback surveys were added to appear after calls, to inform Convo of user satisfaction.

Version 3.0.29 (7/28/20)

This version fixed an issue causing the app to crash.

Version 3.0.28 (6/12/20)

A bug was fixed to stop the app from freezing when inbound calls were answered.

Version 3.0.27 (6/4/20)

Two bugs were fixed with this version:

  • Calls were sometimes disconnected when a 2nd call came in.

  • In-call functions sometimes weren’t visible after answering calls.

Version 3.0.24 (4/15/20)

This version fixed a bug that caused the app to crash if an incoming call notification timed out.

Version 3.0.23 (3/18/20)

This version fixed a few bugs:

  • The answer screen in the app did not appear correctly when getting many calls from the same caller.

  • Adding a new contact that was already on the Contacts list caused an error message that wasn’t clear.

  • The app sometimes crash when receiving calls.

  • Videomail sometimes didn’t appear when receiving incoming calls.

Version 3.0.22 (12/18/19)

Two bugs were fixed in this version:

  • Caller ID wasn’t displayed correctly in outbound calls.

  • The call history list had an issue with formatting

Version 3.0.20 (12/11/2019)

Caller ID is now available! Caller ID is a great feature because with it, you can see the incoming caller's name, number, or location on your screen -- even i f they are not in your contact list -- before you answer!

Version 3.0.15 (10/2/19)

We're ready for Apple's iOS 13 release and we're making sure you are, too! 😄 This update brings you a guarantee that your Convo app will be compatible with iOS 13, along with our continued bug extermination work as always! 🤜🏼🐞🤛🏼

Version 3.0.12 (9/11/19)

Introducing the WHAT'S NEW feature where you will get notified of new updates to your app! You will see a red dot in your app and that means we've brought something new to you! 

Do you have ideas for more improvements we can make? Updates just like this one come directly from customers' feedback. Drop us a note or chat with us to share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions!

Version 3.0.11 (8/14/19)

You can now set your VRS Preferences for specific needs, easier than ever! Simply head to your Settings to customize your default preferences for your VRS calls.

  • You can choose your default VRS preferences settings for Announce VRS, Voice Carry Over, and VRS Español.

        - Announce VRS: Inform the hearing caller you’re using VRS
        - Voice Carry Over: Speak with your voice during VRS calls
        - VRS Español: If you have VRS Español enabled, you can choose your default                VRS as Spanish. 

  • Icons will appear on the top of your screen in the Convo for iOS app when default VRS preferences are enabled. 

  • Your VRS Preferences can be easily changed for each specific call or a specific contact. 

Version 3.0.8 (3/28/2019) 

  • Deaf Ecosystem Directory has a new look and experience! It now comes with categories to make your search more convenient and user-friendly. It also now shows you the top 15 results under ‘Near Me’. 

  • Your search results will now display suggestions based on your history and local places in addition to the Deaf Ecosystem. Watch the video below to learn more.

Version 3.0.7 (2/27/2019)
Announce VRS preferences are now available! Toggle on to have your interpreter announce their presence, or toggle off if you prefer not to disclose you are using VRS. You can view your status in Messages with interpreter. Watch the video below to learn more.

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