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What's new with Convo for Windows?

A running list of key feature updates

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This is a running list of major updates and new features added to Convo for Windows. It will be updated regularly.

Version 2.1.0160 (12/11/2019)
Caller ID is now available! Caller ID is a great feature because with it, you can see the incoming caller's name, number, or location on your screen -- even if they are not in your contact list -- before you answer!

Version 2.1.0110 (4/25/2019)
You can now keep your Message contents after hanging up. 

Version 2.1.0080 (2/27/2019)
Announce VRS preferences are now available! Toggle on to have your interpreter announce their presence, or toggle off if you prefer not to disclose you are using VRS. You can view your status in Messages with interpreter. Watch the video below to learn more.

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