There are several common scenarios of why you can't log in Convo on Android:

  • Cellular network issues
  • WiFi issues
  • Software issues

Cellular network issues

Possible causes 

  • Outage or service down
  • Change in the Internet protocols
  • Weak or no signal
  • Went over data usage limits

Possible solutions

Try switching to WiFi connection to see if you are able to log in. If you cannot access WiFi, wait until you find a better coverage with a stronger signal. 

If you are still unable to log in even if you have a good signal strength, then check Internet browser app to see if you are able to access Internet. If not, then check with your authorized local carrier provider for a possible service issue or status of your account. 

WiFi issues

Possible causes

WiFi loses connection with wireless access points when carried outside the range of the signal. 

When WiFi connection drops, apps sometime revert automatically to a cellular connection (if one exists in your coverage area) and sometimes stop running altogether, depending on your device settings. 

Firewall is another likely issue, especially when you are at a public space such as a cafe with free WiFi access. In this case, access to Convo isn't always guaranteed.

In this situation, you may also encounter a black screen issue.

There's not much we can do about public WiFi connection issues. However, if you are at home or at the workplace then we have solutions for you. 

Possible solutions

If you are at home, you would need to check your router to ensure that your Android device is connected and is allowed to bypass its firewall security. 

If you are at the workplace, please contact us for the firewall information that you will need to share with your IT department. 

We can help you with your residential router issues, too. 

Software issues

Possible causes

  • Insufficient space on device
  • Too many unused/opened apps at the same time
  • Syncing error with Google
  • Android or Convo app is not up to date
  • Network issue 

Possible solutions

"I tried everything and nothing changed. Now what?"

We're here to help! Go to our website and start a live chat with us via the green icon at the bottom-right. 

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