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Convo Passport: Troubleshooting
Convo Passport: Troubleshooting

Here's how to resolve potential scenarios

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IMPORTANT: All Convo Passports must be approved by Convo before the departure date. To apply for a Convo passport, you must log into your profile to submit a request for each phone number that you plan to use while traveling. For example, if you have two Convo accounts with two separate email addresses, you must log into each profile and apply for a passport that will allow you to use both phone numbers in the region(s) you are traveling to.

I cannot make or receive calls using my Convo number while traveling out of the U.S.

One of two reasons can cause this issue. The first reason is when you have more than one Convo phone number under different email addresses (multiple accounts) without a passport request. If you want to make and receive calls using all Convo numbers, you must apply for a Convo Passport for each number individually through your profile.

The second reason can be due to the hotel or cafe’s network ports being closed which do not allow international calls through their WiFi. Try the following steps below to resolve the issue.

  • Restart the device. If your Convo is still not working, switch to a different WiFi.

  • If it is still not working, connect using cellular to see if WiFi may be the issue.

  • If it is working, then reconnect to the hotel or cafe’s WiFi and check the IP address using this tool: After that, please contact Convo Support and share the IP information with us so we can help determine if the hotel or cafe's networks are closed.

PRO TIP: Before traveling, contact your hotel or place of accommodation and check if international calls are allowed using their WiFi network.

I registered using the North America region but I realized I picked the wrong region.

Please email us at or call (510) 629-5622 and we'll be happy to help you adjust and apply the correct region to your existing passport.

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