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Are we limited to using only Zoom with Convo interpreters or can I use other meeting platforms?

You can use Convo interpreters on any available meeting platform that has an audio dial-in number. We recommend Zoom because of its optimal user experience.

Can you provide English instructions for using Convo + Zoom?

You can find our written English instructions for using Zoom here.

Can you provide English instructions for using Convo + Webex?

You can find our written English instructions for using Webex here.

Is it free to use Convo VRS with a video conferencing platform?

Convo VRS is a free service for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in the United States. We recommend you visit your preferred video conferencing platform for information on their pricing.

What about VRS available in Canada?

Please contact SRV Canada VRS for more information. Their Customer Service can be reached via the SRV Canada VRS app by dialing 9050 within the app, or you can email Need to call them via telephone? The number is 1 (800) 958-5856 (available in English and French).

Can the Deaf user see the interpreter?

Yes, you can see the interpreter and the meeting participants as shown in the video above. The interpreter is not in the virtual meeting room, they are in the Convo app so other meeting participants cannot see them.

Do we need to schedule an appointment to use Convo VRS for our video conference?

No appointment is needed! You can call from the Convo app at your meeting's start time.

Do you provide trilingual (Spanish) interpreters?

We do offer VRS Español services, please visit our VRS Español page here to learn more.

Can I request the same interpreter for ongoing, weekly Zoom meetings?

Unfortunately, that option is not available at this time.

Can the VRS interpreter join in the virtual meeting room to see visual elements such as PowerPoint, allowing Deaf customers to use one computer?

Currently, we don’t have the technology for the VRS interpreter to join in the virtual room, but you only need one device to use the Convo app with video conferencing. Our resizing feature (demonstrated in our Convo + Zoom video) allows you to see the interpreter and meeting participants at the same time.

Are two separate webcams required if using one device?

Nope, you can use the same webcam for both apps.

Does using an interpreter from the Convo app work for any type of meeting? For example- My employer does company-wide town hall meetings where only the presenter is visible. There are also several deaf employees. Do we each need to make our own Convo call?

Yes, it will work for any type of meeting that has an audio dial-in number. Each deaf person, not sharing a screen, will need to make their own call through the Convo app.

Can I use the Convo app + video conferencing platform for doctor or Telehealth appointments?

We recommend you contact your doctor’s office/telehealth provider for their procedures on securing an interpreter for your appointment.

Will captioning be added into Zoom, too?

We suggest you refer to this page for more information. Free account users and end-users of any account will be able to access online resources and chatbots. Licensed users of Pro accounts can submit support requests by online submission, and owners/admins via online submission or chat.

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