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How to set up and use VRS preferences
How to set up and use VRS preferences

Learn how to make your call easier than ever!

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You can now set your VRS preferences for specific needs:

  • Announce VRS: Inform the hearing caller you are using VRS

  • Voice Carry Over: Speak with your voice during VRS calls

  • VRS Español: If you have VRS Español enabled, you can choose your default VRS as Spanish.

The best part is you can also assign customized VRS preferences to each contact! We're about to make life easy for you. Available on Convo for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

There are three ways you can use the new VRS Preferences feature:

  1. Default VRS Preferences: Set your default preferences from the Settings. 

You will see your default VRS preferences as icons at the top of your app.

2. One-time change from dial pad: Easily turn on or off your VRS preferences for a specific call without having to change your default settings. After the call, it will return to your default settings. 

3. VRS preferences for individual contacts: To use a specific VRS preference with a contact, you can turn it on for that one contact only. There is no need to go in your default settings to make these changes. 

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