For whatever reason you cannot answer a video call, you can have a Convo Greeting all set up to greet Deaf and hearing callers. They will have the option of leaving a video message after watching your Convo Greeting.

With our Convo Greeting, you get customizable things like:

  • Your logo
  • Image or video for the background
  • Voice-over of your message (for hearing callers)


You will be able to choose feminine or masculine voice, accent, and age group for your voice-over message.

Examples of our Convo Greeting

With image background:

Logo only:

"I'm interested! How do I get it?"

If you have a logo, image/video, and transcript for the voice-over ready, you can make your request by filling out the Convo Greeting Request form. Minimum image size is 640x480. We highly recommend 1920x1080 or larger for best results.

Acceptable image files:

  • ¬†PNG
  • JPG
  • When sending your logo, please send with transparent background¬†

Acceptable video files:

  • MOV
  • MP4
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