Ever wonder if it was possible to connect your Convo app to your Apple Watch? It is! 

At this time, Apple Watch will only show notifications of incoming calls and missed calls. You will not be able to answer a call or make a call with your Apple Watch due to the fact there is no built-in camera. You can do this via our Convo app on your iPhone or iPad. 

Let's get your Apple Watch set up! 

Quick and easy

Open the Watch app on your iPhone and click on Notifications.

In the Notifications window, scroll down until you see the section "Mirror iPhone Alerts From".

Find Convo in the list. 

To turn on notifications, make sure the toggle next to Convo is green.


Still not working?

If the above steps do not work, you can click on the green icon at the bottom-right corner of our website to start a live chat with our team. 

You can also send an email to support@convorelay.com.

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