It's easy! Here's how:

First, click on Contacts on your iPhone.

Next, select a person you would like to call through Convo iOS. 

Click on the blue Convo icon to start a call.

Lastly, your Convo app will open up and call the number!

IMPORTANT: If you don't see the blue Convo icon, press-hold the blue FaceTime icon (same place that is circled in the image above). A menu should appear and you'll be able to select Convo.

Some notes

  • Make sure you are using the latest Convo iOS version.
  • This feature allows you to make both VRS and point-to-point calls. 
  • If you are calling a Deaf person, make sure their VP number is in your Contacts. (It doesn't matter what VRS provider they use, you will be able to call them.)
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