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Accessing On-Demand interpreting via QR code
Accessing On-Demand interpreting via QR code

New at offering this to Deaf people at your organization? Here's what you need to know.

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Convo is testing a new technology through which Deaf people who use sign language to communicate will scan a QR code and connect with an interpreter who can convey the message between you and one of your customers/users.

This will allow you to offer a full experience to your Deaf customers/users, open the door to building better relationships, and make communications faster.

Here's how it works:

  1. Deaf people will need a moment from the time they scan the QR code to the time they get an interpreter on their screen.

  2. Deaf person scans QR code:

Deaf person sees QR code on window.

3. Deaf person permits Convo to access the camera and microphone:

4. Interpreter appears. If you cannot hear the interpreter on the Deaf person's device, please gesture to the Deaf person to turn up the volume on their device and/or move it closer to you or the microphone/speaker.

5. Make eye contact and talk directly to the Deaf person who is signing to you while you listen to the interpretation coming out of their phone and while you respond.

Note: if a Deaf person identifies themself to you before scanning the Convo QR code, you can recommend they try it (keep in mind that not all Deaf people use sign language to communicate) by pointing at the QR code poster/sticker.

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