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What is the system requirements for Convo on Windows?
What is the system requirements for Convo on Windows?

Get information on operating system, hardware, and ideal bandwidth for Convo on Windows.

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What is the minimum required Windows operating system for Convo?

Windows 7.

Why does Convo require Windows 7 or newer?

Windows 7 or newer allows you to have the best possible experience with Convo on Windows. 

If you need help upgrading your Windows operating system, please let us know! 

(NOTE: Upgrading to Windows 10 is not free. For more information about Windows 10, check out their support page.)

What is the required hardware for using Convo?

A computer with either a built-in webcam or an external webcam attached is required for video calls.

What is the ideal bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the speed of data sent through the internet. The higher the bandwidth, the smoother and clearer your video calls will be.

For the best experience, we recommend a minimum speed of 768 kbps for both upload and download.

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