How can I port my current work number to Convo?

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If you already have a work number with another VRS provider and don’t want to start over, you can port your work number to Convo!

Let's get started

First, create an account with us. 

When you reach the form (on the third page), you will see an option to port your VP number. Check the box.

Next, add the number you want to port and select the VRS provider you are porting from.

Complete and submit the form. 

After we process your request, you'll be able to access all of Convo's perks!

"How long does it take to port my number?"

If you are porting from:

  • Purple/ZVRS - It will take about 3 days.

  • Sorenson - It will take about 5 days.

Want to port on a specific date? You can! Just let us know your preferred date.

"Will porting my work number to Convo have any effect on my workplace?"

Yes. Do keep in mind that the date of the transfer will affect the transition between your current VRS provider to Convo. We encourage you to have the Convo app(s) all set up and ready by then.

We also encourage you to explore Convo app(s) for a better understanding of our features and what they can do for your workplace.

"Will I be prevented from making any work calls during the porting process?"

No. However, on the official date of the transfer, be sure to have your Convo number and password ready for logging in to Convo platforms.

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