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We've designed Convo for Android with you in mind! Come see what we have.



Before making a call, you can check yourself out and make sure you look presentable with our self-view feature!

Forgot your phone number or are not sure which phone number you are using? No problem! You can quickly access the menu by sliding your finger to the right. This will open up a menu showing your Convo number. 


Under the Personal tab, you can keep a list of people you usually call and you can quickly dial them via your Contacts. You can find a specific person by either searching for their name or scrolling down your list until you locate them.

Deaf Ecosystem Directory 

Deaf Ecosystem Directory are your tool in developing and maintaining connections in the community. This is where you can search for local and nationwide Deaf businesses and organizations, professionals, and schools in your community. 


Our videomail feature makes it super effortless to catch up with those that leave you messages. 

Incoming call notification

When you get a call, you will see a full-screen notification and our sleek design makes it convenient for you to answer or ignore—and decreases the chance of missing a call!

Ease of navigation

We designed the whole app experience with you in mind—especially navigation—and we've made it incredibly easy to access different features. How? Just swipe with your finger to access our awesome features carousel-style!

Using Convo

There are two other great perks that come with using Convo as your primary VRS provider:

  • VRS interpreters that care about your call 

  • A Deaf-owned and Deaf-run business that understands you

"I want it! Now what?"

First, download and install our apps.

Secondly, register for a number.

That's it! You can now make calls.

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