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Ever wonder what it's like on the other end of the call?

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As a Deaf caller

When you answer an incoming VRS call or initiate it yourself, you are connected with a VRS interpreter first. Then you continue with the call. 

But have you ever wondered what the hearing person who is new to VRS experiences?

What it's like on the other end typically

1. The hearing person hears their phone ring.

2. They pick up.

3. They listen to the interpreter's introduction on VRS calls, which may go something like: "This is interpreter 7456 answering for a person who uses sign language to communicate; you may now proceed with the call..." 

4. You lose the opportunity to put your identity at the forefront of this call. Worse, they may become confused. Even worse, they hang up.

With Convo, we change this whole experience.

It's your call

You have the choice of "meeting" the hearing person first instead of the interpreter making the introductions between you and them. We've designed our VRS experience so that you come first and the interpreter remains in the background to facilitate communication. When hearing people call, the first thing they will hear is your "hello".

This is a more natural way to do calls.

Quick tips for hearing people when answering VRS calls

  • Speak as you typically would on a phone call

  • Speak directly to the deaf caller

  • The deaf caller can decide whether the interpreter announces

Convo aims to make the call experience for everyone so smooth that you don't even notice that there is an interpreter on the call.

More about our interpreters

Our interpreters are committed to the ultimate goal of capturing your essence and your message. We honor the transparency and individuality of your identity. As we always say: be you.

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After that's all done, you're just one call away from finding out why our interpreters rock.

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