How can I get Convo Lights?

Download and install our iOS/macOS apps and purchase Philips Hue.

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First Steps

To access the Convo Lights feature, download and install Convo iOS or Convo macOS.

Next, register for a Convo number.

Once that's set, you will need to get Philips Hue in order for Convo Lights to work.

Setting up Convo Lights on Convo iOS 

After you set up your Philips Hue lights, you can access the Convo Lights feature by clicking on the menu icon in the upper-right corner of Convo iOS. Next, click on Lights to connect with Philips Hue. 

Setting up Convo Lights on Convo macOS 

If you are on Convo macOS, log in and click on Settings at the bottom. Next, click on Lights in the sidebar.

You are now connected and can set up your preferences!

Philips Hue 

You can purchase Philips Hue online or at your local Best Buy. 

There are different starter kits and lighting options you can choose from. We recommend getting a starter kit because it comes with a Hue Bridge—which is needed to connect Philips Hue with Convo apps. From there, you can build up your collection with various bulbs! 

IMPORTANT: Be sure to purchase the color light bulbs (not natural white).
We chose Philips Hue as our lighting solution because it offers the most natural and customizable experience possible. 

See what you can do with Convo Lights:

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