How do I request sponsorship?

Contact us with your request.

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What to consider and include?

We receive a large number of sponsorship requests. In order to maintain a commitment to our vision and values, we have developed target areas that will receive priority sponsorship consideration. The areas that are of importance to Convo and what we look to sponsor are programs or initiatives that target:

  • Equity and Inclusion (Diversity)

  • Deaf Children

  • Deaf Education

  • Arts & Culture

  • Deaf Community

Please note Convo is unable to sponsor:

  • Opportunities that will occur in less than a month from the date of the sponsorship request

  • Politically sensitive or controversial matters

  • Religious associations

  • Sponsorship of athletic teams and/or individuals (by exception only)

  • Content of a violent or dangerous nature

  • Content that negatively impacts the value of our brand

Each request will go through an evaluation and will receive a response from us. We appreciate your patience during this time. Requests must be submitted at least 90 days from the date of the event and include a request letter & a W-9 form in order to be considered.

Ready to submit your request?

Please click here to fill out the Sponsorship form.

When will I receive a response?

Each request will go through an evaluation before receiving a response from us. You should expect a response within 60 days of your event. 

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