How do I edit my profile?

Log into your account and edit all of your information on one page.

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Go to our website and click on MY CONVO > My Profile on the navbar. This will bring you to the login page.

First, log into your account.

You'll see all of your information on one page.

There are three sections you can edit:

  1. Your Info: you can edit your name to your preferred name (including diacriticals, e.g.: é, ñ, ï, etc), VP number and email. This is the name your Video Interpreter will see during calls.

  2. Your Emergency Address: be sure to keep this address updated. See below section for more information.

  3. Your Convo Password: use this to update your Convo password. Be sure to add caps and numbers to your password for better security.

Emergency address

When you register for a Convo number and you see the Your Emergency Address section, there is an option to enter a different address at the bottom. 

Check the box to add a second address if your emergency address is a P.O. Box address or not your actual residence.

We do not want to send emergency assistance to the wrong address! With the correct address, we will know where to go if you dial 9-1-1.

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