Videomail on Convo iOS

Our videomail feature has many functions, including rich push notifications!

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Life happens. Sometimes we miss our calls. Our videomail feature on Convo iOS makes it super easy to catch up with those that leave you messages.

Videomail functions 

When a person calls you and you don't answer, they will have the option to leave you a videomail. You will be notified of new videomails through rich push notifications. You can view all your videomails and call them back in the same place. 

Rich push notifications 

Ours is the only VRS app that comes with rich push notifications, which means you get a 15-second preview of the videomail inside the notification bar. At the end of the 15-second preview, you'll be able to tap the video to watch the full message. This is what it looks like: 

Videomail history 

You can find your videomail history in your Convo app. Tap the Videomail icon at the bottom.

Calling back

Simply tap the name in the videomail history to call them back! You can also see additional information in this box: their number and when they left you the videomail.

Watch the full video

Try out the videomail feature on your iOS by downloading Convo here

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