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We're thrilled that you're here to try Convo Now.

What's Convo Now?

It's our on-demand interpreting service.

What's on-demand interpreting?
You're probably familiar with Video Relay Service (VRS). It's a tool to communicate with hearing people through the telephone. Specifically, the hearing person is not physically present in the same room as the Deaf person. Now, what about situations when the hearing person is present in real life?
We've used paper and pen, texting on a phone, or voice-to-text apps.

But what if you want to have a real in-depth conversation with a hearing person? That's what on-demand interpreting is. We use a mobile phone or computer to get an interpreter. That way, we can sign like we normally do as if an interpreter was present. The interpreter is remote, unlike the hearing and deaf persons.

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Now what? Where do I start?
Look for an activation email in your inbox. Click the link in the email, which is good for 24 hours. You'll be prompted to type your email address, and then to set your new password. The password will not be the same as your Convo VRS account (if you have one); our VRS and Convo Now systems are separate for now. So, set your new password for your Convo Now app.

If your activation link is more than 24 hours old, clicking the link will result in a fresh activation email getting sent. Please look for this new email and click the link to activate your account.

After you activate, the next step is to download the app if you want to use your mobile device.

Where do I get the app?
The app is available for Android at the Google Play Store and for iOS at the App Store.
Regardless of whether you use the Android or iOS app, remember that they are different than the Convo VRS app, which is for making telephone calls to and from hearing people, with this being a separate app for in-person conversations.

I prefer to use a computer. Can I do that?
You can use Convo Now on your computer. The login is same and can be done on your web browser at

After logging in, you can connect with your interpreter.

Ready to use Convo Now?
Go into your mobile app or computer browser and click "Get an interpreter" and after a brief period of time being number 1 in the queue, the interpreter will appear! At this point, be sure to raise the speaker volume and make sure the microphone is on. Remember: the hearing person needs to hear and speak with the interpreter.

That's it! Enjoy our fabulous interpreters.

FYI: Convo Now is available to use 24/7.

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