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Introducing Focus Mode, which helps you stay focused by choosing which notifications you want to keep anytime you prefer.

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Introducing Focus Mode for your Convo apps

Does your iPhone or iPad have too many notifications? Feeling overwhelmed? Do you wish you could limit your device to only allowing specific notifications?

First, make sure you have iOS 15 or later installed.

iOS 15 introduced the “Do Not Disturb” feature with a moon icon. This feature was later updated with more customization options.

How to set up Focus Mode

Open the Control Center, and you’ll see a button called “Focus.” Tap on it to see different options. To set up or change your preferences for each mode, tap on “Settings” then “Focus.” You’ll see a few Focus modes that you can adjust to fit your preferences.

Watch our how-to video to see how you can set up and edit your Focus Mode settings.

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