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What are N11 area codes?

N11 codes (411, 811, etc.) are used to provide access to special services

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In the U.S., the FCC manages N11 codes. The FCC recognizes 211, 311, 511, 811 and 911 as nationally assigned. The table below summarizes N11 assignments and traditional usage.

In some states, N11 codes that are not assigned nationally may be assigned locally, if these local assignments can be withdrawn quickly if a national assignment is made for that N11 number.

N11 Code



Community Information and Referral Service


Non-Emergency Police and other Governmental Services


Local Directory Assistance


Traffic and Transportation Information


Telephone Repair Service


Access to One call Services to Protect Pipelines and Utilities from Excavation Damage (US); Non-Urgent Health Teletriage Services (Canada)




National Suicide Prevention Hotline

The following number codes are available to Convo customers: 411, 811, 911 and 988. Convo is working on adding the other N11 codes: 211, 311, 511, and 611 and will update this article when they become available.

Convo customers may dial 411, 811, 911 or 988 on the dial pad to connect with these services through Convo VRS.

To watch a video with information about N11 through Convo, click here.

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