Convo Passport: I've already left the U.S.!

Need a Convo Passport, but already left the United States?

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Note: the below procedure is only needed if you have already left the U.S. If you have not yet left the U.S., you're in luck: find out how to easily set up your Convo Passport here!

Because you are not making this request from the United States, you will need to contact the FCC and ask them to waive the requirement for a request to be made from within the US before travel. You will need to email and provide the following information: name, name of provider, dates of departure and return, country or region of travel, general purpose of travel, and why you were unable to register prior to departure. Once you have a request for a waiver, you will be able to get your Convo Passport approved.

Once you receive a copy of the waiver letter from the FCC, forward it to Convo’s Customer Support via email to and we will process your request.

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