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Why can't Convo sign my confidentiality agreement form?
Why can't Convo sign my confidentiality agreement form?

This includes NDA, HIPAA, and other confidentiality agreement forms.

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Great question!

We do not use non-disclosure agreements because they are not a good fit for the service we provide. There is already a legal framework within the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that requires utmost confidentiality. If confidentiality were violated, it would actually be a violation of Federal Regulations, in which all VRS providers must adhere.

We are honored to share that Convo customers from the Pentagon, Department of Defense, law firms, and beyond use our service.

Regardless of who is on the call, or if the call is one of a highly private nature, or simply a call between siblings, every single call is bound to the same high level of confidentiality.

We are also fully certified by the FCC who regulates the industry. The regulations applying to VRS—including requiring absolute confidentiality—can be found here on the US GPO website. (We are also the only VRS company at this point to be fully certified).

Also, information about the callers that our interpreters see is very minimal. They would only see the phone number and name; but would not know the name or any personally identifying information about the person on the other line.

Lastly, our interpreters do not discuss the content of the calls in any circumstances.

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