What is Convo Alert?
Convo Alert is an emergency alert system (EAS) designed to be universally understood by all. We are making Convo Alert available to every school in the U.S. for free, because there should be no price tag on children's safety.

What makes Convo Alert different?
Our EAS is designed with animated icons, visual cues, and sounds, making it very accessible. Convo Alert also has the widest reach of any EAS on the market today with alerts being broadcast on display and sent to text messaging, email, other platforms, and to emergency contacts. We created Convo Alert after we found out that there was no EAS on the market that was truly accessible to deaf and hard of hearing students in our country. 

Is Convo Alert really free?
Yes, every school in the U.S. will be able to sign up and start using Convo Alert with one channel and unlimited subscribers for free. This basic plan ensures that all students can be safer at school effective immediately. There are paid plans associated with multiple channels and our mobile feature. 

Can my workplace or organization get Convo Alert?
Absolutely! We are currently marketing to schools as school safety is our priority. However, anyone can sign up for Convo Alert! 

When will Convo Alert be available?
We are currently piloting Convo alert at several schools and it will be available to the public very soon. Please subscribe to be notified when Convo Alert is available here

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