What is Convo Greeting?

Think of it as your personalized away message for your workplace.

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Own your workplace brand.

Your Convo Greeting will greet your deaf and hearing callers when you're not available. Own your brand and decide what information is important.

With our Convo Greeting product, you can customize the visual and voice design for both your deaf and hearing customers.

The Visual Design

Fully customize the visual for your deaf customers to see.

The profile gives Deaf customer a visual to who you are. You can customize to your preference, whether to include your full name, position, headshot, and/or logo.

Customize your message to your preference. It can contain business hours, e-mail address, and/or a written message for Deaf customer to see.

The background image gives an extra streamlined visual for Deaf customer to see.

The Voice Design

Customize the experience for your hearing customers to hear.

Customize your message to your preference. It can contain the same information as the visual message or a different design to cater to your hearing customers.

Customized Voice (through Convo)
You can design the voice through Convo by determining the gender expression, the type of accent, and the age group. We use professional actors to match your criteria.

Your Own Voice
You will have the option to upload a voice recording file of your own voice or of someone you know.

"I'm interested! How do I get started?"

Are you our Workplace customer? If yes, contact your Sales rep to get started. If not, let's get you started as soon as possible and contact us through Support. You can email: support@convorelay.com, videophone: 510-629-5622 | 8a-6p CST, M-F, or contact us through our friendly Chat Bot.

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