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Feature article all about our newest Convo iOS update.

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More personal. More features. It's your call.


Swipe right to call back or swipe left to delete in History, Missed, Videomail, and Contacts. 

Hang up
Do a short swipe down to hang up and keep interpreter, or a long swipe to end the connection. During calls, the hang up button is at either sides, within thumb range. 

After tapping the 911 button, swipe right to confirm the call. (This is a safeguard in place if it was an accident, don’t worry.)


Call History
View your call history to copy a number or call back while you have your interpreter on screen.

Send messages to your interpreter anytime. Messages can be displayed half-screen or full-screen with the interpreter still visible in the background. Also, you can copy individual messages from your text chat with the interpreter.

Use Dialpad to enter numbers yourself for phone tree menus during calls. 

Voice Carry Over
Turn VCO on during calls any time you choose to use your voice.


Search for a name or a number and matching results will pull up in real-time. All your call history with them will show up, too! 

Contacts can be sorted by first or last name and A-Z or Z-A. You can also scroll down at lighting speed by dragging the alphabet letters on the right sidebar.

Categorize your contact list with tags for a smarter search! You can label your contacts with tags such as: ‘family’, ‘work’, ‘pizza’, whatever your heart desires. And you’ll pull them up when you search for tags.

Add or edit an avatar for each person in your contact list. 

Enhanced accessibility settings for disabling the mirror background, sharper interface, zoomed in or out video, and button positioning.

Deaf Ecosystem Directory
Deaf Ecosystem Directory can be sorted by Category, Distance, or Alphabetic. The nearest 15 deaf businesses will show up at the top. 


We’d love to know what you think of the new app. Share your feedback here!

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