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How can I add to my contact list via Convo's website?
How can I add to my contact list via Convo's website?

Log into your account, click on Contacts, and add an entry.

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(Note: You can also add contacts via Contacts in your app. The steps vary depending on which device you are on. This post shows you how to add contacts via your account on our website.)Β 

  1. Go to our website and click on MY CONVO > My Profile on the navbar. This brings you to the login page.

2. Sign in using your Convo phone number and password.

3. You will see your info page. At the top-right, there are three tabs. Click on Contacts.

4. Click on Add New to add a new entry to your Contacts.

5. Click on the green button at the bottom to save the entry.

6. You should see the contact in your list now.

NOTE: If you want to edit/update a contact, simply click on the contact you want to edit. It will bring you to the form.

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