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Before building anything, you must first ask: "What is the ultimate goal?" 

When we built the app from the ground up, the engineering team and I wanted to design the app that does what you want without it being in the way. After all, it is your desktop. You deserve the respect and the space. The app should just show up when you need it, and go away when you don't. The app should connect you to someone you want to call—right away. 

Read on to learn how we did it.

Waste no time.

Everyone has their own way of finding and opening apps. With the new Convo app running in the background, it's SHIFT + COMMAND + SPACE. And trust me, this is the fastest way to bring up the Convo app. Say it with me: SHIFT + COMMAND + SPACE. Boom. The app will pop up, ready for your use.

Find what you need.

Naturally, the most common reason for bringing up the app is to make a call. And we know your time is precious. So, instead of looking thru separate listings of call history, personal contacts, and deaf businesses, all you need to do is to type a few letters or numbers to witness a little miracle of the app showing matches. In milliseconds. In real time. Really. Go and try it out... I will wait.

Organize your way.

Tags is one of my favorite features. Invest a little and the app will go a long way for you. Start by adding a tag or a few for each contact. 

The next time you want to call a school, a customer, or a company, just pull up the app (hint: use the shortcut!) and type in the tag and the app will happily find them for you.

Watch videomail now.

In the previous Convo for macOS version, there is a videomail feature that allows you to watch your videomails and call back within the app. For the new app, we are taking it a step further with the ability to share your videomails with anyone. The videomail confirming the doctor appointment in which your spouse is supposed to take your kid? Boom. Forwarded. 

For you, keyboard lovers.

For long time, the user interface was designed with mouse users in mind. Now, we would like to do the same for folks who like to keep their hands on the keyboard as much as possible. (I know I am one of them. 😉 ) 

When you find a contact or enter a number, you don't need the mouse to click on the little call icon. Just press Enter to call. You can also use the up/down button to go up or down the listing. Oh, and you can use number keys for phone tree! 

That's all, folks! (For now.)

The next step is to download and install the new Convo for macOS (available for El Capitan or later).

Secondly, register for a number (if you don't have one already).

After that, you can make calls! And do let us know what you think of the new app. 😄

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