We work with all VRS providers to ensure interoperability. 

"What is interoperability?"

Interoperability is the ability to call other video relay providers' products smoothly without any technical issues. From time to time, there may be an interoperability issue. This may be due to new updates within the industry. We work hard and continue to test with other engineers in the VRS industry to ensure that those issues are resolved quickly. Anytime you notice an interoperability issue, please contact our support team.

"How does your team test interoperability?"

All of our products—developed and designed by our excellent team of engineers and designers—are always tested before release. Our apps are set up in development phases from alpha to beta and then released. The purpose of the alpha and beta stages is to improve the quality of the app by integrating feedback from alpha and beta users, and capture and fix all bugs reported ensuring release readiness. We also work with users in the community to identify any possible interoperability issues during the beta phase.

Interested in beta testing?

We welcome anyone who may be interested in being a part of our beta testing! 

Please email us at beta@convorelay.com to be added to our list. Be sure to specify which product you wish to test:

  • Convo for iOS

  • Convo for macOS

  • Convo for Android

  • Convo for Windows

  • ConvoLink

After you contact us, we will send a confirmation when you have been added to the requested group and as well as further instructions.

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