What is “Never Stop Dreaming”?
This is a contest in which we ask deaf youth to tell us what their dream is and why. Learn more about the history of the contest here.

Who can enter this contest?

The student submitting the video must be deaf or hard-of-hearing, and aged between 13 and 16.

What is the prize?

One winner gets a package of attending Deaf Film Camp (DFC). It includes a round trip ticket from Convo and DFC registration covered by Deaf Film Camp.

How do I enter? 

  • Post a public video on Facebook or Instagram between April 29, 2019 and by midnight on May 6, 2019.
  • Tag @convo, @deaffilmcamp and hashtag #tosignishuman.
  • The student submitting the video must be deaf or hard-of-hearing, and aged between 13 and 16. 
  • The video can be posted on the student’s Facebook or Instagram account, or their family member, or their school’s page/account. 

When does this contest start and end?
April 29, 2019 to May 6, 2019 by midnight, EST.

Who will do the judging?
The film submissions will be judged by a team from Convo + Deaf Film Camp + Gallaudet University. 

What are the terms and conditions?
Please see here

What if I am not yet 13 years old or 17 years old?
We are following DFC’s age limit for their program, which is between 13 and 16 years old, although they may make exceptions to the age limitations on an individual case-by-case basis. However, if you have a passion for filmmaking or just want to participate, we encourage you to submit your film, with the understanding that your film will not be eligible for the prize. It would still inspire people in our community, and that’s what this contest is all about.



What is the film criteria?

  • Must sign the word “Dream” somewhere in the video
  • Must include Convo in any way (anything from the Convo logo, the Convo app itself, or  as long as its related to our company)
  • Up to 1 minute

Can I create multiple films to enter the contest?
No. We will only accept one submission per person. You are free to post more videos for the community's enjoyment. We will accept the first one only.

Does the short film have to be exactly one minute or can it be more?

Your film can be any length up to one minute. It can’t be a second over one minute or your film will not be qualified for the contest. Don’t miss your opportunity to win free registration to Deaf Film Camp. 

I don't have a fancy camera or an editing program. How can I make a short film?
No worries, you can film using your smartphone or tablet. There are editing apps that are free and can download to your device. For iOS, check out the free iMovie in App store or check out the recommendations from App Store. For Android, check out this article



What is Deaf Film Camp?
Deaf Film Camp is a two-week filmmaking camp experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing youth aged 13 - 16, along with the guidance of many talented deaf professionals in film, photography, and design surrounded by the gorgeous, scenic Adirondack Mountains. Learn more about Deaf Film Camp here.

When is Deaf Film Camp?

July 28, 2019 to August 8, 2019.

Where will the winners stay?
The winner will stay at Camp Mark 7 in Old Forge, NY.

What if I already have plans this summer, can I go to Deaf Film Camp next year?
No, this contest is for this summer 2019 camp session. 



Is this the first Never Stop Dreaming contest by Convo?
This is our third contest! The first one was held in 2016 in which the winners flew to Los Angeles and watched Nyle DiMarco on Dancing With the Stars. The second contest in 2017 was partnered with The Daily Moth, LEAD-K, and several Deaf-owned businesses with the prize being a weekend in Austin with The Daily Moth, which included a red carpet event to Wonderstruck.

Why does Convo do this contest every year?
Convo has always been committed to the future of our community, and no better way to start than with our young deaf and hard-of-hearing leaders. 



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