Never Stop Dreaming is a contest in which we ask Deaf youth to tell us what their dream is and why. Convo has always been committed to the future of our community. A contest like this promotes creativity and critical thinking in our young Deaf leaders, and that is a social responsibility Convo has always valued. 

This year (2019) will be Convo’s third NSD contest targeted to deaf, hard of hearing, DeafBlind, and DeafDisabled youth with the goal to inspire them to dream big. Each contest has had unique partnerships and areas of focus. 



The first one was held in 2016 in which the winners flew to Los Angeles and watched Nyle DiMarco on Dancing With the Stars


The second contest in 2017 was partnered with The Daily Moth, LEAD-K, and several Deaf-owned businesses with the prize being a weekend in Austin with The Daily Moth, which included a red carpet event to Wonderstruck.


2019 will be our third contest and this time, we've partnered with Deaf Film Camp.
It will be geared towards Deaf students aged between 13 and 16 with a passion in logo creation, title and plot development, make-up, costume design, acting, photography, filmmaking, and editing. The prize will be an all-inclusive ticket to Deaf Film Camp 2019. More contest details will be revealed on April 29, 2019 on our social media . Keep your eyes peeled! 👀


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